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01:27pm 16/05/2004
mood: giggly
I bought Invader Zim Season One on DVD today. I'm kinda sad it's only the first season, but, damn, it's just so beautiful.
03:04pm 08/09/2003
  im getting back to santa clara on the 13th-
anyone wanna go see pirates with me? again?
come one sean, i know you want to.

-im kidding.

well, only kinda.
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cross posted, yo. 
02:31pm 17/05/2003
  uhm, i


need a place to live come fall quarter.


making use of the useless 
04:52pm 24/01/2003

like we all haven't thought about throwing a babe on the grille before.
1337 4 n00bs 
12:09pm 10/12/2002
  going nucking futs.

how about you?
It's IORI! 
04:12pm 20/10/2002
mood: amused
Sean and Carrie, for you:

01:29pm 18/10/2002
  listen to this song and just look around the room you're in.
it's surreal.
12:28am 18/10/2002
mood: hopeful
Thought I should say HI.

So here I am.

Saying HI.

I wish I had something clever to say. Then someone could comment with "That's really clever. How's that working out for you, being clever?" It would be this cool thing, you understand.

Anyway, this is Carrie. Cynik0r (or Cynicore for Sean).

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Rezident PORN 
01:31pm 16/10/2002
mood: amused

This one's for you Sean.
because jason is too much of a pansy to post it: 
12:22am 11/10/2002
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BIZOOOM tizing 
05:51pm 10/10/2002
mood: amused
seamurbile: the kick drum sounded way more distorted on your [speakers]
seamurbile: on mine it's just like boom
seamurbile: but on yours it was like BIZOOM
HentaiOverfiend: hahaha
HentaiOverfiend: BIZOOOOOM.
seamurbile: TIZING!
09:10pm 09/10/2002
mood: amused
This reminded me of something you'd say Kayt0r:

"Probably I 'll never finish it - possibly I'll never even get a chapter written - but it amuses me just now to pretend to myself that I'm going to write it." - H.P. Lovecraft
Hey Sean 
11:53pm 19/09/2002

Is THIS what you saw?
12:48am 17/09/2002
  seamurbile: =(
HentaiOverfiend: hahhaa
HentaiOverfiend: Oh fuck, Sean using a SMILEY FACE?
seamurbile: that's not a smiley you FUCK
seamurbile: it's GAF
HentaiOverfiend: HAHHAHAHA
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09:23pm 15/09/2002
mood: curious
fer some reason, I've had "Poo Fetish" stuck in my head all day.
I have no fucking idea why.
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because there hasn't been a non-jason post here in almost 2 months 
11:35pm 13/09/2002
  this is kinda long, but i think you should all read it.

taken from the transcript of the September 12th, 2002 episode of DONAHUE aired on MSNBC. you can find the transcript here (but they'll probably take it down in a week or so. bastards, i want a permanent archive!)

DONAHUE: We'll separate fact from fiction, truth from lies as my guests dissect the inside framework of Bush and Company's campaign to sell the American public on the war with Iraq. That's after the latest news headlines from MSNBC headquarters.



GEORGE H. W. BUSH, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: No one knows precisely when this dictator may acquire atomic weapons or exactly who they may be aimed at down the road. But we do know this for sure, he has never possessed a weapon that he didn't use.


DONAHUE: Eleven years ago, that was President Bush, Senior, 1991, vilifying Saddam.

The current President Bush has already started to sell an invasion of Iraq to the American people. But how much of the sales pitch is propaganda, how much the truth?

Joining us now is John MacArthur, the publisher of "Harper's" magazine and the author of "Second Front: Censorship and Propaganda in the Gulf War."

Well, Mr. MacArthur, let me start you off here with this tape bite here. Remember the little girl that testified before Congress? You're the one that blew the whistle on this. Here-let's take a look at this tape. Watch this.


"NAYIRAH": I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns. They took the babies out of the incubators. They took the incubators and left the children to die on the cold floor! It was horrifying!

G.H.W. BUSH: Newborn babies thrown out of incubators and the incubators then shipped off to Baghdad, dialysis patients ripped from their machines and those machines then, too, sent off to Baghdad, the story of two young kids passing out leaflets. Iraqi troops rounded up the parents and made them watch while those two kids were shot to death, executed before their eyes. Hitler revisited.


DONAHUE: That was 1990. The little girl-the young woman, 15-year-old young woman, testified before the Human Rights Caucus. Tom Lantos, chairman, moved this nation. Comes forward you to say what about that testimony?

JOHN MACARTHUR, AUTHOR, "SECOND FRONT": Well, it was a complete fabrication and it was a fabrication concocted with the connivance of the Kuwaiti government, the White House and Hill and Knowlton, the public relations firm that was hired by the Kuwaitis with the advice of the White House.

This was a complete fabrication, but a tremendously effective one because, as you'll recall, I hope, back then, the Bush administration, like today, was having trouble selling its war against Saddam. Too many people were saying this was blood for oil. Too many people were pointing out that Saddam was our former client, that Bush had supported him-and Reagan-for that matter, and they need to come with something spectacular, something that would really hit people in the stomach. They came up with the baby incubator atrocity that never happened.

And by the time the dust settled, 312 babies had alleged been killed when Iraqi soldiers went in and looted hospitals in Kuwait, shipped them off to Baghdad and left the babies, as "Nayirah" said, to die on the cold floor. This was complete invention. It never happened.


MACARTHUR: And in the Senate vote, on the Gulf war resolution, seven Senators cited the baby incubator atrocity as a reason for voting for the Gulf war resolution. The Gulf war resolution only passed by five votes. This was a major, major subversion...


MACARTHUR: ... of the democratic constitutional process.

DONAHUE: Yes. You wound the powerful and well-established public relations firm of Hill and Knowlton. You wounded them with your book. And when you're saying this, you wound them tonight. Alas, I was not able to encourage anyone from the agency to appear on our program. Their case is and if they could choose a spokesman, it wouldn't be me. But they're stuck.

This little girl's identity was concealed for her security on a request by her father, not unlike other mob people who don't want to get-you know, wind up dead on a bathroom floor somewhere. This little girl, without malice, used the plural when, in fact, she had only witnessed one such child being removed from an incubator. Kroll and Associates was hired, I guess, by Hill and Knowlton to look at this. And your suggestion that it was a complete fabrication, they believe, is over the top, and "The New York Times" never should have principled your article in the first place. You're on the air.

MACARTHUR: Well, the main thing to remember is that "Nayirah", who hid her identity, was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to Washington. She wasn't in Kuwait, as far as I know, when she said that she saw this. And Kroll Associates, if you read the report that they put together, paid for by the Kuwaiti government in response to my revelation in "The New York Times", refutes the baby incubator story. It says that she never saw what she said she saw.

I have never been able to get the Kuwaitis to let me interview Nayirah. I tried every trick in the book, and I couldn't get them to turn her over.

And George Bush himself-George Bush, Senior-today has changed his story. He now says, well, there were mass rapes in Kuwait, but he doesn't talk about babies killed in incubators anymore. Interestingly, the mass rape story is also a vast exaggeration, uncorroborated.

DONAHUE: First casualty of war is proven once again to be the truth.


DONAHUE: But this is-I just can't-we should remember that this is a 12 year effort now of demonizing Saddam-two presidents. I'm not sure what President Clinton may have contributed to this, but clearly, father, son have been wanting to get this man for 12 years.
12:28pm 11/09/2002
mood: amused
Mad props
Very cool. Very cool indeed. 
12:36pm 30/08/2002
  I return long enough to show you guys this.

What is the Animatrix?
I just lost my Skinny Puppy virginity 
02:33pm 19/08/2002
mood: bouncy
Hey y0s, I have an idea for next year that I figured I should put down here before I forget it.
How about next year we weekly drudge up some obscure recipe and try to cook it?

I was just sitting here contemplating various things that people can do when poor and bored and that was one of them.
But anyways, cheers!
05:01pm 08/08/2002
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